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Here you will find the most common questions related to selling gold bars.


Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

You can find the general terms and conditions at the bottom of the website.

What is the amount I can sell at a time?

You can sell and send gold per shipment up to a minimum weight of 1000 grams and a maximum amount of € 110.000 euro.

How often are prices adjusted?

Prices are fixed for 15 minutes, all sales are valid from the moment you place your first sale in your cart.

What products can I sell?

You can only sell products of the Umicore brand.

How does the sales process go?

When placing a sales order, you can indicate the date on which you want the package to be picked up. Once your sales order has been confirmed, we will review your application. If your application is accepted, we will contact you by email. You can then prepare your package for shipment based on the packing instructions. The cashless transaction will be transferred to the specified IBAN number after two working days of receipt of your package. 


How should I package the products?

When placing your sale you can consult the packing instructions which are accessible on the website.

Who collects the products from me?

A specialized transport will collect your placed order for sale at the given address. The package must be ready before pick-up.

Are the metals insured during transport?

The metals are insured up to an amount of € 250.000

Do I get a receipt or follow-up?

You will receive your invoice for the sale by post.


When will I receive the money for the metals?

You will receive your money 2 days after receiving your metal which you have sold.

What happens if Umicore does not accept the products collected from me?

If Umicore does not accept the collected products, for example if you supply other than a Umicore bar, then your products will be returned. Umicore will contact you first. The costs of return shipment will be charged to you.